Virginie Rozière

European Parliament approves overhaul of online copyright rules. Politico

The European Parliament has passed its copyright reform — at last. After more than two years of lobbying that involved everyone from Lady Gaga to the head of YouTube, EU lawmakers voted on Tuesday to approve the controversial overhaul with 348 votes in favor and 274 against.

The outcome will subject platforms like YouTube and Facebook to a set of new obligations to strike licensing deals that will be put to the test in coming months as EU countries transpose the directive into national law, a process that allows for some margin of interpretation.

Before the copyright directive, European countries had also voted to pass an overhaul of privacy rules for the digital age, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, while antitrust regulators have hit Google with more than €8 billion in fines for various infringements over the past two years.

These companies pillage our personal data, private lives and the work of Europe’s artists but it’s somehow accepted because it’s digital, » French MEP Virginie Rozière said during a debate ahead of the vote.